Advertising poster ideas for MakeSpace

If you live in the NYC, you can see storage ads everywhere. I saw storage companies’, especially Manhattan Mini Storage, ads many times in the subway. I decided to design ads which have subliminal messages.

My advertising poster ideas for MakeSpace:

#1: Black Monolith
Should I explain 2001: A Space Odyssey? It is one of the most influential classics in the movie history. I positioned Black Monolith as an extra stuff, and I tried to play on words by using “Space.” Do you need more space in the space?

#2: Silicon Valley
Almost all leading tech company in the Silicon Valley is started in their founders’ garage. It’s a classic symbol of Silicon Valley and technology industry. Nowadays, storage and garage is a luxury. Thanks to MakeSpace, it is not an obstacle for starting a startup anymore.

#3: Enjoy at the Mars
Living in the Mars is no longer a dystopia for the human being. People will start to colonization in the Mars in 15 years. But what about the World? No worries, MakeSpace looks after your stuff as much as you do.

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