İhsan Elgin – İş Modeli Yaratma ve Müşteri Geliştirme

6-7 Temmu da eTohum Yaz Kampı programı dahilinde Sayın İhsan Elgin bir ders gerçekleştirdi gerçekten harika bir ders ve sunumdu. Bir girişime başlarken ve bu girişimi geliştirirken nelere dikkat etmemizi, müşteriye nasıl odaklanmamız gerektiğimizi ve benzeri konulardaki dikkat edilmesi gereken husuları ve püf noktalarını bizimle paylaştı. Bende aldığım notları sizlere aktaracağım anca Sunum İngilizce olduğu için bende size ingilizce olarak yazacağım aldığım notları. Umarım faydalı olur.

An Idea is not a Company

-> Size of oppurtinity

Scable Startups

* Not all startups ara designed scale.

* Small business startups have different goals. They are done by average people.

* Scalable startups are designed to grew big.

-> How Big Is IT ? : Market Oppurtunity Analysis

* Size the market.

* Competitors

* Growth Potential

-> Customer Need

* What’s the fain?

* How do the sole today?

* Do they want to pay year that?

* Who are they?

-> How big is the fire?

– Total available market:

* How many people would want need the product?

* How large is the market be (in $’s) if they all bought?

* How many units would that be?

– How big is my slice?

– Served available market

* How many people need can use product?

-> How much can i eat?

-> Target Market

* Who am I going to sell to in year 1,2 & 3 ?

* How many customers is that?


Identification of groups most early to buy

* Geopgraphic

* Demographic

* Channel

* Behavioral Variables

* Psychographic Variables

-> Market size Summary

* Market size Questions

* How big can this market be?

* How much of it can we get?

* Market growth rate

* Market structure( Mature or in Flux? )

* MOST IMPORTANT: Talk to Customers and sales channel

* NEXT IMPORTANT: Market size by competitive approximation

-> What is a Business Model ?

* Founder driven

* Rapid change with each iteration

* Scorecard of hypotheses testing

-> Value Propositions

* Usability: Making things more usable(YemekSepeti)

* Design: Offer more beautiful things(iPod)

* Customization: Offer tailored things(Macs)

* Price: Offer cheaper things(Pegasus)

* Cost reduction: Help customers reduce costs(PI Works)

* Accessibility: Making things more available(Mobile Banking)

* Performance: Offer better performance(Computers)

* Risk reduction: Help customers reduce risk(Products warranties)

-> Channels

* How will you communicate, reach and deliver your value proposition to your customer segments?

* Drict v. Indirect communication & sales ( Sales team vs. Google Adwords )

* Owned vs. Partnered distribution ( Adidas store vs. Interspor )

-> Channels have shapes

* Awareness

* Evaluation

* Purchase

* Delivery

* After Sales

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